On Tuesday, April 16, I took over the DJ booth at WDVR 89.7 FM during Bill Kalke’s wonderful show, Hotel California. I had a wonderful time spinning tracks from my influences, and some of the great musicians around the country I’ve performed and collaborated with.  I also played a few tunes live, new and old, and featured a brand new song from Hot4Robot, my art rock project with Dave Cahill, Evan Straley and Andy Janowiak.

The entire show is posted here.

Below is the playlist.  One correction:  I announced that the Jay Unger and Molly Mason song I played was “Ashokan Farewell”.  That was incorrect.  It was actually “The Lovers’ Waltz”.

  1. Ol’ Moose – Bone Dry River (America 90 Proof)
  2. Jay Unger & Molly Mason – The Lovers’ Waltz (The Lovers’ Waltz)
  3. Tha-Muse-Meant – Fool Proof Poof (Sweet Things)
  4. Alex Radus – Let the House Fall – Live
  5. Duende – Behind Closed Doors – (Duende Live @ Godfrey Daniels)
  6. Ian Thomas – Honey Can I Count On You? (Young Man’s Blues)
  7. The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I’m Yours (Her Majesty)
  8. LoveStarDeluxe – In Sepia Tone (Digital Killed the Analog Star)
  9. Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliette (Money for Nothing) 
  10. Alex Radus – Cassini – Live
  11. Julia Mark – Gemeni – 3:37 (Gemeni)
  12. Emmylou Harris (Graham Parsons) – She (Luxury Liner)
  13. Alex Radus – Law of Lonesome Hearts – (Jewels & Tinware)
  14. Grady Hoss and the Sidewinders – Back to the Bottle (Over and Out)
  15. Alex Radus – Monongahela – Live
  16. Django Reinhart and Stephan Grapelli – Minor Swing 
  17. Alex Radus – We Can’t Play Like Django (Jewels & Tinware)
  18. Hot4Robot – Made with Guns – (pre-release)