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For release the week of May 10th

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Alex Radus

Pandemic Creates Time for Art:
Indie Rock Band, Hot4Robot, Releases Debut Album May 18, 2021

Indie rock band Hot4Robot releases its debut, self-titled album on May 18, 2021 with a series of locally produced web and podcast listening parties.  Hot4Robot is the latest collaboration of celebrated local solo artists Alex Radus and Dave Cahill.  However, without the pandemic, it may have been a few more years before Hot4Robot’s concept rock album saw the light of day.

Listening Parties (list to be updated)

  • flex* adapt with intent – a webcast series hosted by Dina Hall (date and time tba)
  • Sit Downs and Sessions – a podcast series hosted by Chris Poh and Dave McBride (date and time tba)

Radus and Cahill are musical opposites. Radus is a “sullen, sultry crooner” (Philadelphia Inquirer) and “refined songwriter” (WDVR), while Cahill is a “surreal” guitarist and composer of “post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscapes” (Elucidator).  They have shared the stage with diverse national artists:  Richie Havens, Regina Spektor, Sharon Van Etten, Tim Reynolds and Dean Ween, and have performed at numerous festivals and famed clubs such as MusikFest, The New York Antifolk Festival, World Cafe Live, Club Passim, and John & Peters.

Their unlikely collaboration defines Hot4Robot’s sound.  Blending a colorful palette of influences (Dire Straits, Radiohead, Bowie, Muse, the Pixies), Hot4Robot creates rich, textured soundscapes in service to melody and lyric-driven compositions.  

This clash of opposites also shaped Hot4Robot’s story.  Begun in 2014, Hot4Robot was a multi-year labor of love.  This is due to the meticulous crafting of its songs and recordings, but also to Radus’ and Cahill’s busy schedules for their solo projects.  “Like everyone else, the pandemic slowed down our hectic lives and allowed us to focus on this project,” says Radus.  “Hot4Robot might have been a few more years in the making otherwise.”

As a concept rock album, Hot4Robot has only become more relevant with the passage of time. A dark, whimsical and at times humorous exploration of mankind’s use of tech to transcend itself, Hot4Robot merges thoughtful commentary with energetic and emotive indie rock delivery.  Think a musical version of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

The web and podcast listening parties will feature music and videos from the new album, interviews with Radus and Cahill on the making of Hot4Robot, contests and giveaways and more.

The pandemic has shown that music still connects us, even when we are physically apart–and that a little extra time may be all you need to realize a dream deferred.  Connect with Hot4Robot at their upcoming album release listening parties as they share their pandemic project with the world. 

Live Webcast from Wednesday, May 19th

flex* guest: Alex Radus and Dave Cahill–HOT4ROBOT

Question: What do you get when you mix a “sullen, sultry crooner” (Philadelphia Inquirer) and “refined songwriter” (WDVR) with a “surreal” guitarist and composer of “post-apocalyptic, dystopian landscapes” (Elucidator)?

Answer: Hot4Robot, whose debut, self-titled album drops May 18, 2021.

Webcast series, contemplating performing and visual arts, (and occasional feel-good story) during uncertain times – presented over live-stream on YouTube, and Facebook.

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Alex takes over the DJ booth on WDVR – now posted!

On Tuesday, April 16, I took over the DJ booth at WDVR 89.7 FM during Bill Kalke’s wonderful show, Hotel California. I had a wonderful time spinning tracks from my influences, and some of the great musicians around the country I’ve performed and collaborated with.  I also played a few tunes live, new and old, and featured a brand new song from Hot4Robot, my art rock project with Dave Cahill, Evan Straley and Andy Janowiak.

The entire show is posted here.

Below is the playlist.  One correction:  I announced that the Jay Unger and Molly Mason song I played was “Ashokan Farewell”.  That was incorrect.  It was actually “The Lovers’ Waltz”.

  1. Ol’ Moose – Bone Dry River (America 90 Proof)
  2. Jay Unger & Molly Mason – The Lovers’ Waltz (The Lovers’ Waltz)
  3. Tha-Muse-Meant – Fool Proof Poof (Sweet Things)
  4. Alex Radus – Let the House Fall – Live
  5. Duende – Behind Closed Doors – (Duende Live @ Godfrey Daniels)
  6. Ian Thomas – Honey Can I Count On You? (Young Man’s Blues)
  7. The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I’m Yours (Her Majesty)
  8. LoveStarDeluxe – In Sepia Tone (Digital Killed the Analog Star)
  9. Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliette (Money for Nothing) 
  10. Alex Radus – Cassini – Live
  11. Julia Mark – Gemeni – 3:37 (Gemeni)
  12. Emmylou Harris (Graham Parsons) – She (Luxury Liner)
  13. Alex Radus – Law of Lonesome Hearts – (Jewels & Tinware)
  14. Grady Hoss and the Sidewinders – Back to the Bottle (Over and Out)
  15. Alex Radus – Monongahela – Live
  16. Django Reinhart and Stephan Grapelli – Minor Swing 
  17. Alex Radus – We Can’t Play Like Django (Jewels & Tinware)
  18. Hot4Robot – Made with Guns – (pre-release)


Alex to open for Brad Cole & Robinson Treacher – a WXPN sponsored event!

Alex will open for Brad Cole & Robinson Treacher at the The Roxbury Performing Arts Center on Sunday, September 16th at 4pm.  Produced by Riverside Rhythm and Ryhme and sponsored by WXPN.

Tix available at



Alex Radus and Julia Mark @ Godfrey Daniels

May 5, 2018, Bethlehem, PA:  Alex Radus (Lehigh Valley) and Julia Mark (Boston) trade songs and stories in the round at the Lehigh Valley’s premier listening room, Godfrey Daniels. Mark is celebrating the debut of her recent release, Gemini – a beautiful, must hear album!

Every ticket is a backstage pass at Godfrey’s – an intimate, quiet music venue where you can hear every note and lyric. It’s an oasis for musicians and music lovers. Join us!

Click here to buy tickets.


New shows coming up – Fall 2017!

Friday, September 1, 2017 – Alex Radus solo at the Riegelsville Inn.  8-11pm

Saturday, September 23, 2017 – 3rd Annual Riegelsville Brewfest on the Delaware!  Alex Radus performs with Andy Killcoyne, Dan Manchester, Elliot Morris and other great local musicians.  Mueller’s General Store & Kitchen.  Fundraiser for the Riegelsville Public Library.  4-8pm.

Sunday, September 24, 2017 – Alex Radus Trio, Private Party

Friday, October 13, 2017 – Alex Radus Trio performs at Steel Stacks for Oktoberfest.  Two sets! 6-7:30pm and 9-10pm.

Saturday, October 14, 2017 –  Alex Radus Trio performs at 2017 Durham Community Day on the Village Green.  1:30 – 3:30pm





Alex Radus joins Godfrey Daniels Board of Directors

I am honored to announce my election to the Board of Directors of Godfrey Daniels. If you’re not familiar with Godfrey’s, to us locals it is the premier listening room of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. But in reality, Godfrey’s is an internationally known non-profit music venue that hosts intimate concerts with some of the best songwriters and performers on the circuit.


duende’s final show at Godfrey Daniels


ART’s CD Release party for Jewels & Tinware

Although Godfrey’s is esteemed enough to attract big time artists, since its 1976 founding, Godfrey’s has remained true to another vision: encouraging aspiring regional talent and supporting our local performing arts community. I’ve personally benefitted from Godfrey’s commitment to locally grown music. My last band, duende, performed its final show at Godfrey’s – a fitting farewell. And the Alex Radus Trio released its first CD there. Both are unforgettable evenings for me.

Truth be told, my affiliation with Godfrey’s began before I even picked up a guitar. My uncle, Doug Anderson, was a founding member of the Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band, a Bethlehem, PA staple that included John Gorka, Richard Shindell and Russ Rentler. Most kids grew up hearing about the Beatles at Shea Stadium. I grew up hearing about my uncle and his friends at Godfrey Daniels.

Which goes to show that Godfrey’s is something unique – it’s local, it’s global, it’s personal, it’s generational. Godfrey’s provides us with something essential to the musical experience: the opportunity for musicians and music lovers to connect across a few feet of empty air. That connection is why we play. And it is why we listen. And you won’t get that at Shea Stadium.

I’m proud to be a part of the history and the future of Godfrey Daniels. We’re always here at 7 East 4th Street in Bethlehem, PA. Please come connect with us sometime.