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Alex Radus Trio, Tributaries (CD – $15) PRE-ORDER

Pre-order the upcoming release Tributaries, recorded live at the legendary Godfrey Daniels.  Coming April 2022

Track Listing: 1) Turn Down the Hurricane, 2) It Could Be You, 3) Monongahela, 4) My Heart Will Stay (feat. Daniella Fischetti), 5) Prayer for Nicolette (feat. Pyrenesia), 6) North Star, 7) Cassini, 8) It Takes a Heart, 9) I’m Yours, 10) Bright City Lights, 11) Spin the Bible, 12) I of the Hurricane, 13) Leaving NYC, 14) We Can’t Play Like Django (feat. Pyrenesia)

Hot4Robot, Hot4Robot (Vinyl – $30) (includes digital download)

Debut album of Alex’s alt rock/post-punk project with Dave Cahill, Andy Janowiak and Evan Straley – 2021

A brilliant vision…each track on Hot4Root is a multi-layered, adventurous soundscape full of memorable moments and important, thought-provoking commentary.” – Underground Music Collective

Track Listing: Side A – 1) Made with Guns, 2) Binary World, 3) Your Chemical, 4) Just Human. Side B – 1) Ghost, 2) Blue Screen, 3) You’re Precious

Alex Radus, Jewels & Tinware (CD – $15)

Alex’s first recording with the Alex Radus Trio–Charlie Heim (drums) and Daniel Manchester (upright bass) – 2014

Creative, original…perfect.” Steel Notes Magazine
Album of the Year Nominee – 2014 – Lehigh Valley Music Awards

Track Listing:  1) Genius, 2) We Can’t Play Like Django (feat. Dave Cahill), 3) I Haven’t Missed You, 4) My Funny Valentine, 5) Someday, 6) Baptism Sketches, 7) Never Get Lonely, 8) I’m a Pistol, 9) Soldier of the Devil, 10) Law of Lonesome Hearts, 11) Shoveling Stone, 12) Disorganized Religion

Alex Radus, Love Me Like You Hate Me (CD – $15)

Alex’s solo debut – 2007

Impressive…eerie, intense and wonderful.” – Morning Call

Track Listing:  1) Spin the Bible, 2) Call Them Blue, 3) We’ll Be Alright, 4) Madeleine, 5) It Ain’t Good, 6) Earthquake, 7) I’m Yours, 8) Temporarily, 9 Sweet Devil

Duende: Maria Woodford and Alex Radus, Peppers and Jelly
(CD – $15)

Live album recorded in NYC, Boston and New Jersey – 2004

Duende is indeed as charming as it’s namesake… a fluid, melodic hybrid of roots music.” – Village Voice

Track Listing:  1) A Simple Intro/Overboard, 2) It’s Been Too Long, 3) Peppers and Jelly, 4) Travelin’ On, 5) Reflections, 6) More Bees Than I’ve Ever Seen in my Entire Life, 7) Perfect Stranger, 8) Starry Eyes, 9) Indian Summer, 10) You Have To Do This, 11) The BBC, 12) Can You Picture That?, 13) West Virginia

Duende: Maria Woodford and Alex Radus, duende (CD – $15)

Duende’s first, and only, studio album – 2001

“One of the best CDs I have heard out of the thousands I have received since I started CD Baby.” – Derek Sivers, Founder of CDBaby

Track Listing: 1) Leaving NYC, 2) Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Bye, 3) Let the House Fall, 4) Always, 5) Overboard, 6) The Halo, 7) Old Fashioned House, 8) When I Sober Up, 9) Indian Summer, 10) A Pinch and Then, Sweet, 11) Woman in Concrete, 12) Mercury, 13) Peppers and Jelly, 14) Stand Our Ground