Chris Poh interviews Alex for Sit Downs and Sessions Podcast

If you’ve ever wanted to go a little further behind my music, this podcast is for you. Chris Poh is a great interviewer who notices the nuances and is always ready with thoughtful commentary and witty banter, no matter what the topic.  We discuss my music career from past to present, including tour stories, songwriting influences, thoughts on the music business, and more. Plus, I perform four songs from across the years, and even debut a brand new tune. I hope you listen and enjoy!

Alex takes over the DJ booth on WDVR – now posted!

On Tuesday, April 16, I took over the DJ booth at WDVR 89.7 FM during Bill Kalke’s wonderful show, Hotel California. I had a wonderful time spinning tracks from my influences, and some of the great musicians around the country I’ve performed and collaborated with.  I also played a few tunes live, new and old, and featured a brand new song from Hot4Robot, my art rock project with Dave Cahill, Evan Straley and Andy Janowiak.

The entire show is posted here.

Below is the playlist.  One correction:  I announced that the Jay Unger and Molly Mason song I played was “Ashokan Farewell”.  That was incorrect.  It was actually “The Lovers’ Waltz”.

  1. Ol’ Moose – Bone Dry River (America 90 Proof)
  2. Jay Unger & Molly Mason – The Lovers’ Waltz (The Lovers’ Waltz)
  3. Tha-Muse-Meant – Fool Proof Poof (Sweet Things)
  4. Alex Radus – Let the House Fall – Live
  5. Duende – Behind Closed Doors – (Duende Live @ Godfrey Daniels)
  6. Ian Thomas – Honey Can I Count On You? (Young Man’s Blues)
  7. The Decemberists – Los Angeles, I’m Yours (Her Majesty)
  8. LoveStarDeluxe – In Sepia Tone (Digital Killed the Analog Star)
  9. Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliette (Money for Nothing) 
  10. Alex Radus – Cassini – Live
  11. Julia Mark – Gemeni – 3:37 (Gemeni)
  12. Emmylou Harris (Graham Parsons) – She (Luxury Liner)
  13. Alex Radus – Law of Lonesome Hearts – (Jewels & Tinware)
  14. Grady Hoss and the Sidewinders – Back to the Bottle (Over and Out)
  15. Alex Radus – Monongahela – Live
  16. Django Reinhart and Stephan Grapelli – Minor Swing 
  17. Alex Radus – We Can’t Play Like Django (Jewels & Tinware)
  18. Hot4Robot – Made with Guns – (pre-release)